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How a Mobile Friendly Website can help your Campground

Moderate Cost and Hard To Do

Having a mobile ready website for your campground is a must now-a-days. Google even added this to their list of "Core Web Vitals" that. They recently said that all websites should be easily visible on a mobile phone.

How a Mobile Friendly Website can help your campground

When a potential camper arrives on your campground's website, you have about 2.5 seconds to gain their trust and convince them that you are exactly what they are searching for.

If they're using their mobile device like a phone or tablet and your website doesn't look nice on it, they will bounce and go to the next campground's website.

Test: How does your website look on mobile devices?

Get your phone out right now and find your website. How does it look?

  • Does it fit on your phone or does it push out to the right past the screen?
  • If you squeeze it to make it fit, can you still read the text?
  • Are the images too big or small for the phone?
  • Is it easy to read?
  • Is your navigation easy to use?
  • Was it super slow to load?
  • How do others feel when they use it? Ask a friend to try it.

What did you find? Did you pass?

The answers to these questions will help you get more bookings if you website is not mobile friendly. If it is, then you are well on your path to getting more bookings. Check out my article on How to get more Online Reviews for your Campground.

We use Responsive, Mobile-First Design & Technology

When we build a website for a campground, we build it with mobile users in mind, first. We know that many internet searches to find a campground are performed on phones today.

So it's our goal to give mobile users, and desktop users both, an amazing experience when they are searching for their new favorite campground.

DIY Can Be Troublesome

Creating your own mobile friendly website can be done, but there is a huge learning curve. I recommend leaving this one up to the pros. Like me.

My mobile ready campground websites are ready-to-go and are super affordable.

You can get my One Page website for just $500. This is a minimum website presence for any campground.

Or you can get my 10 Page website for only $1900. That is an amazing price for what you get. You can also subscribe to this website for just $190 per month instead of paying for it all up front.

This website has everything you need to make a huge impression on your future and loyal campers. See a demo on what your website could look like here.


If you don't have a mobile friendly website for your campground, you are losing business and money. Get one today from me or someone else. Or me ;)

I am convinced that my mobile ready campground website will benefit you and get you more bookings. Get started today for just $190 per month.

Mike Stevens - Owner MyCampground.Site

My Mobile Friendly Websites are Fast and can Increase Your Bookings

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