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How to get more Online Reviews for your Campground

Low Cost and Easy To Do

Getting more raving online reviews is a fairly easy technique to help get your campground on the first page of Google and Bing. I say this is easy because it is.

Just Ask! Ask every camper to leave you an online review.

Add a link to popular review websites in a brief email or text message after every camper leaves. Give them a link on your website. You'll get a lot more online review this way.

How to get more online reviews for my campground

Here's what I would write:
"Thanks so much for camping with us. It would mean so much to us if you would leave us an online review using the link below. If we need to work on something, please write to us privately so we can work on it. See ya soon :)"

Be sure to include the link to your website review page or to your Google Business Listing or FaceBook review link. Whichever you are trying to boost.

Here's where to find these links.

For Google - Go to your Google Business Linting Manager or just google your business, as long as you're logged into the Google account your Business Listing is managed under, and look for the "Get More Reviews" button. Copy the link. Try it in a web browser to make sure you copied it correctly. Then paste it in your message.

For FaceBook - Go to your FaceBook Business Page, click on Reviews, copy the url or web address at the top. Note: It should look like this https://www.facebook.com/Studio47WebDesign/reviews/. You can remove any other stuff after reviews/. Copy the link. Try it in a web browser to make sure you copied it correctly. Then paste it in your message.

Voila! Presto!

If you just leave it up to your guests to leave you a review, it won't likely happen that often. Unless of course you offer a really, super amazing, out of this world camping experience. And who has the energy for that?

These positive online reviews tell Google that people are having a great time at your campground. They reason, if so many are having an nice experience here, then you must be doing something right, so we'll show your campground to more campers in our Free Organic Listings and Local Map Pack sections on search results.

A word of caution! Don't try to buy online reviews. Google's way too smart for this ol' black hat technique. You may get away with it, or more than likely, you'll be banished for life, destined to walk alone in empty campgrounds for the rest of your life.

Please, do it the ol' fashioned way. The right way! Offer your campers amazing service, ask them for a review, and give them a super easy way to do it.

Mike Stevens - Owner MyCampground.Site

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